What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a process of goal setting, discovery, and accountability. At a high level, it is about noticing and learning about yourself in order to create different results and outcomes in all areas of your life. It’s about forward movement, gaining deeper understanding of yourself and the world, making more intentional, purposeful choices, and getting where you want to go.

Key to accomplishing this are three main things: 1) discovering the beliefs, road blocks, and stories that hold you back, 2) Identifying your unique WHY and driving force, and 3) choosing who you want to be by setting goals and being held accountable in reaching them. 

As a coach, I provide a safe space for my clients to explore what matters to them most, what's getting in their way of achieving those things, and what steps to take in order to get there. I act as a collaborator and partner to support them in reaching their vision and achieving results they oftentimes thought were impossible.


Coaching Offerings

Business & Career Coaching

Whether your business is struggling, you're unfulfilled at work, or you want to reach the next level, I can help. My coaching focuses on tapping into your potential, innate skills, and interests in order to move forward with velocity and purpose.

Personal Coaching

We each have our own path, but often times it's challenging to go through life without trying to use someone else's. My coaching focuses on you learning to choose your path powerfully and purposefully to impact every area of your life.

Creativity Coaching

As a writer, I've gotten creative in how to push through Writer's Block. The thing is, Writer's Block strikes everyone. My coaching focuses on you learning new ways to break through blocks to better unleash your creativity and reach your goals.


The Coaching Process

My coaching process is impacted by the goal(s) my clients are looking to achieve. In a typical coaching engagement, I meet with my clients two to four times a month for one hour each time (either virtually or in person). I have all new clients sign up for a three month minimum to begin. After the initial three months, I work with my clients on an individual basis to design the best program for them. Sometimes, my clients have achieved their goals and have no need for further coaching, but many of my clients continue on a retainer basis for continued support in reaching larger, long-term goals like building and maintaining a business, career development, or the pursuit of a creative endeavor.

Each individual coaching session is framed within the goal determined at the beginning of our work together, but sessions can vary from tactical, big-picture conversations to immediate, day-of “emergencies”. The sessions are built around the client’s agenda and I ask questions to help clients gain clarity, understand their values, choose a direction, stretch into new ways of being, and learn about themselves. As mentioned above, much of coaching is about noticing, specifically the choices we make, why we make them, how they’re serving us, and what we could do differently. Each session typically ends with a homework assignment that the client comes up with themselves or that I offer to help the client move forward toward their goal(s) between sessions.

The ultimate value of coaching is determined by the work my clients are willing to put in between our meetings. Ultimately, you are the foundation of your own success.


My Coaching Philosophy

Everything we do is an opportunity to notice something about ourselves and ask, “What does this say? What could it say?”

To me, coaching is about being in discovery and seeking greater understanding of ourselves and the world. A big part of this is helping people notice more about their lives and the choices they make. The most powerful aspect of coaching is supporting someone to trust themselves. It is this heightened trust and awareness that gives my clients the ability to make choices from a more conscious place. 

If you live in a constant state of discovery, the choices you make will naturally become more intentional and purposeful. This is the core of my coaching philosophy. I help my clients notice the decisions they make, no matter how small. In fact, the small decisions are often the ones that can teach us the most about who we are and offer the greatest opportunities for growth. 

I consider myself a philosopher first and a coach second; for what is coaching other than an exploration of how to live a fulfilling, impactful life? I work with my clients on focusing on their direction, rather than their destination and help my clients pay attention to where the goals are leading and what they’re building to, while also celebrating each achievement along the way.

I work with clients on both short-term goals and in a long-term capacity. Change – particularly sustained change – takes time; it’s not accomplished overnight. While everyone measures the benchmarks to change differently, it is my belief that it is the overall trajectory of a person’s personal and professional life that matters most. 

While many of my clients have been doing personal or professional development work of some kind or another for decades, many others are first timers. I tailor my coaching to meet my clients where they are, regardless of their experience level. No matter how comfortable you are with the idea of coaching or personal development, I will find a way to make it accessible for you. 

I am genuinely invested in my clients, which is why my coaching often strays outside the realm of professional and creative challenges and goals into personal ones. We bring ourselves everywhere we go, and every part of our lives is interconnected. Often, in order to achieve major professional goals, you must take care of yourself first. Your work reflects you and if you aren’t setting yourself up for success, your results will not be as impactful as they possibly could.

Ultimately, it is up to you to pave the way to your own successes. The journey is yours. My role is to be your guide along the way. Coaching is one tool to help you get there.

If my philosophy speaks to you or if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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