At the surface, coaching is a process of goal setting and accountability. But it’s much more than that. Ultimately, I believe coaching is about noticing and learning about yourself.


As humans, we’re always in situations where we can learn. I’ve had breakthroughs about my view on the world, choices, and identity just by noticing how I walk down the street. We take ourselves everywhere, and nothing about how we show up (physically, intellectually, or emotionally) is a throwaway. There is an opportunity to learn and grow in how we do the biggest and the smallest things. All we have to do is notice.


Coaching is about looking at yourself and asking if this is who you want to be. Your answer can be yes or no, and neither is wrong. The goal of coaching is to give you the power to choose consciously who you are not to react automatically the way you have all your life. 


Noticing and learning is the first of four components of my coaching and is the umbrella under which everything else fits. The final three components are:


  1. Discovering the beliefs, road blocks, and stories that hold you back.

  2. Identifying the WHY behind everything you do.

  3. Choosing who you want to be by setting goals and being held accountable in reaching them.


Whether you’re looking for success in life, business/career, or a creative project, you are the foundation for that success. My coaching is all about nourishing the soil, and it’s through noticing and learning that we do that and unleash you in a new way into all aspects of your life.



Whether your business is struggling, you're unfulfilled at work, or you want to reach the next level, I can help. My coaching focuses on tapping into your potential, innate skills, and interests in order to move forward with velocity and purpose.


We each have our own path, but often times it's challenging to go through life without trying to use someone else's. My coaching focuses on you learning to choose your path powerfully and purposefully to impact every area of your life.


As a writer, I've gotten creative in how to push through Writer's Block. The thing is, Writer's Block strikes everyone. My coaching focuses on you learning new ways to break through blocks to better unleash your creativity and reach your goals.


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