I help solo-entrepreneurs, founders, and creative freelancers make value-driven choices and push their businesses and/or creative endeavors forward in purposeful and powerful ways. 


I'm a Certified Professional Coach and writer based in New York City. I focus on helping solo-entrepreneurs, founders, and creatives who feel lost and stuck choose a direction and pursue it like never before. I also facilitate Work-Life Balance workshops for high-achieving young professionals who want to achieve more.


I've been mentored by one of New York's top executive coaches, Nicholaos Papadopoulos, since 2015. Together we're writing a novel about men living authentically, trusting themselves, and the difference that makes for everyone around them. We also host quarterly panel discussions on men's topics and will be launching our first Men's Leadership Weekend in January 2020.


I've been a publicist for Jonathan Marder + Company (a white-glove PR firm), the general manager for Footnote Records (an independent record label), and the co-founder & COO of Experience Vinyl (a vinyl-of-the-month club startup). I graduated magna cum laude from Kenyon College in 2013 with a B.A. in History and two track and field school records.


On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Fulfilled are You? What's One Thing You Can Do to Raise Your Score by 1 Point?

When I think about coaching, I think about a coffee tree (my family has been in the coffee business for over 30 years). It’s easy to focus on what’s above the ground - the leaves, the trunk, the fruit - but a coffee tree without nutrient-rich soil will never reach its potential. Only when the soil is nourished and cared for does the tree bloom as it can. It’s the same in life and business. We often ignore the soil and focus on the fruit. Coaching, for me, is about nourishing the soil, and if you work with me, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll work on the foundations of your life, your business, or your creative project so that your soil is rich and your fruit bountiful.




As you set out for Ithaka
hope your road is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.

C.P. Cavafy

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