Jake Fishbein

I help entrepreneurs, founders, and creative freelancers turn "I don't know" into direction and action and push their endeavors forward in purposeful and powerful ways.


About Me

I am a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Business & Career Coaching, Personal Coaching, and Creative Coaching. My passion is helping entrepreneurs, founders, and creative freelancers make value-driven choices and push their business and/or creative endeavors forward in purposeful and powerful ways.



I work one-on-one with professionals and creatives to help them establish and reach their personal and professional goals.

Workshops & Trainings

I lead interactive & experiential workshops in Manhattan on a variety of topics, including work-life balance and personal branding.

Events & Discussions

I host panels, discussions, men's groups, and men's leadership weekends exploring what it means to be a man today.


Coaching Philosophy

Everything we do is an opportunity to notice something about ourselves and ask, “What does this say? What could it say?”

To me, coaching is about helping people notice more about their lives and the choices they make. This heightened awareness gives my clients the ability to make choices from a more conscious place. 

While many of my clients have been doing personal work of some kind or another for decades, many others are first-timers. Regardless of your experience level, I tailor my coaching approach to meet you where you are. 

I am genuinely invested in my clients and consider myself a partner in their lives, yet ultimately it is up to you to pave the way to your own successes. Coaching is merely a tool to help you get there. 


More About Me

A coach and writer based in New York City, I’ve received my coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

In addition to my coaching practice, I'm the co-founder of Revel&Awe, a company delivering workshops and trainings to help people identify their ideal paths and navigate life - both professional and personal - in order to build self-trust and resilience, be inspired, choose a direction, and enjoy the process of exploration. I am also co-authoring a novel about men living authentically, trusting themselves, and the difference that makes for everyone around them with my mentor and fellow executive coach, Nick Papadopoulos. Together we also co-facilitate The Arena Weekend - a two-day program for men looking to live more purposefully.

Prior to realizing my passion for coaching, I was a publicist for Jonathan Marder + Company, the general manager for Footnote Records, and the co-founder and COO of Experience Vinyl. I graduated magna cum laude from Kenyon College with a B.A. in History and two track and field school records. 


Jake has such high and positive expectations for me, that I’ve begun to have those expectations for myself as well!

Nina P.

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